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Tone Of Things To Come

by Chaos Echoes

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deadisdead thumbnail
deadisdead This stuff is nasty. Mildly repetitive, but if you want a release by this band with some vocals instead of none, this one is the one I’d suggest.
Michael Hojjatie
Michael Hojjatie thumbnail
Michael Hojjatie A strange cacophony of evil sounds and black metal. Very effective, indeed! Favorite track: Weather The Storm.
R i s e 06:02
Interzone I 02:07
Interzone II 01:55
Black Mantra 07:41


"Experimental black/death metal from France. Cacophonous riffs and hushed, deranged vocals weave between spacious and anticipatory interludes utilizing instruments far outside the general metal canon." - Sol y Nieve

"The power manifested on this EP can be compared to that of heavyweights like PORTAL, NECROS CHRISTOS and GRAVE MIASMA. What makes this special is the unconventional approach that serves to create a diabolical atmosphere. The first track 'Rise' is an instrumental and basically just shifts gear after each break. Simple but effective due to its production and execution. It reminded of INCANTATION during "Mortal Throne Of Nazarene". The follower 'Interzone I' is a musical intermezzo that further increases the twistedness. 'The Innermost Depths Of Knowledge' situates in the more doomy region. The vocals and keyboards give this tune some PORTAL sickness. Don't look for any blastbeats, but they're not missed here. The greatest track here is 'Black Mantra' which shows similarities with NECROS CHRISTOS. Again the drums play some sort of main role here and not because of the echoing sounds. 'Weather The Storm' is an over 12 minutes long ritual where the insanity comes to a climax. "Tone Of Things To Come" is a first offering of a band that gave me the same thrill as "Exalted Emanantion". Its vision isn't identical, but the shockwave it produces can change things to come massively and put CHAOS ECHOES in the line of the above mentioned bands. Looking for a better release to come out of France this year is superfluous. There is no French band which I'm more eager to hear more from than these guys." - Voices From The Darkside


released November 27, 2014


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Sol y Nieve Coeur D'Alene, Idaho


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