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by Footpaths

Paradise, KY 07:05


Pro-dubbed, pro-printed green c58 cassettes in traditional plastic case with printed insert, hand stamped j-card, and hand stamped obi strip. Limited edition of 100.

"The smell of dust and snow. The spark of solitude brought forth. Music written for the memory of no one." - Sol y Nieve

"Hazy acoustic guitar and wintry drones. Listen while cold and alone." - Nihil Novi Sub Sole

"Having always found a distinct beauty in the intricacies of the sounds an acoustic guitar can produce, I’ve always taken great personal pleasure in simply getting lost in the folds of Footpaths’ massive-yet-sparse sound. Cavernous wisps of ambient throngs, gentle echoes from slipped notes, and softly plucked fingerpicked mantras creep in on a soft bed of droning, ambient pastures, guided by classical training and a keen ear for melody.
Birnamwood, WI leads us into the fray with confidence, spidering notes traipsing over one another in a long string after a minute or so of deep-seated organic drones. Deepwater, MO has a strong throwback quality, possibly harkening the most to the ambient elements of bands long-gone by. A looped series of melodica notes carries a slightly nostalgic guitar line, somehow calling up memories of late 90′s and early 2000′s hardcore punk… what sounds like a steel-string comes skipping in between the crawling main, adding thoroughly to the dreamlike quality.
These pieces have the mindset of an exploratory experimentalist with the adherence to detail of a trained musician (seeking so much more).
Fort Lonesome, FL sticks well enough true to its name, yet somehow manages to displace itself with a desolate midwest lull throbbing in the centre of a reverberated loop, gently pushed along with an echo’s whispering strands. Four Houses, KS and Paradise, KY both feature the same disparate, buried guitar sound with a partnered bed of ambiance overlaid. Closer Sacred Heart, OK does right by its predecessors, but adds exquisite elements to the mix, focusing primarily on the Harmonium to create a sea of texture defined by a drifting wall of intertwining soundmass. The guitar, which comes shifting in and out of focus throughout the middle of the piece, has a more defined twang, a force not felt in the prior songs. Ending on the same phrase with which it began with, Sacred Heart bids us a forlorn yet ultimately uplifting farewell.
A common theme throughout this branch of Jon Rosenthal‘s work, these pieces are all named after locations situated in the United States. With a passing glance at the history of a country, this might even be the soundtrack to the rolling hills and brown-green diamond patches scattered throughout North America’s most rural areas. However, Footpaths manages with definite finesse to come off as wholly universal, touching on a sound that is as internal as it is eternal." - Gloom Folk


released January 27, 2013


all rights reserved



Sol y Nieve Coeur D'Alene, Idaho


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